Fun Facts About Me:


  • I have two extremely annoying brothers who I love till the ends of the earth and would do anything for:
    • John (22 who is living with Aspergers while attending Holy Cross College in South Bend, IN)
    • Patrick (18 also living with Pompe while still living at home)
  • My parents have been married for 26.5 years (can you say WOW?)
  • My favorite color is PINK!
  • I have two crazy Irish Jack Russells
    • Annie (who is 12)
    • Little Bear (who is 10)
  • I absolutely love country music, especially Luke Bryan and Carrie Underwood (if anyone could get me to meet one or both of them I’ll owe you everything)
  • I was a Maid of Honor when I was 14 to Renae (she’s also my third cousin and nurse [in that order] as well)
  • I have a niece, Addie (3), and a nephew, Luke (1) from Renae and her husband, Josh
  • I have a Jesus Sister, her name is Nancy (just so happens she’s my third cousin and nurse [in that order] as well)
  • I was in Nancy’s wedding as well
  • I have a total of 12 nurses between South Bend, IN and Princeton, NJ
  • I LOVE shopping (except for tools and stuff like that, ew)
  • I really love shoes (hence the picture), but my feet are so tiny (size 4 maybe 5) it’s sometimes hard to find non-kiddish ones
  • I have a movie made about my family and me entitled Extraordinary Measures (check it out, my dad has a cameo, I don’t. It’s fine. I’m over it.)
  • I also have two books written about me one of them was the inspiration for Extraordinary Measures and the other written by my father (The Cure–Geeta Anand and Chasing Miracles–John F. Crowley)
  • I am the President of the Make-A-Wish club on Notre Dame’s campus
  • I am a double major in Film, Television, and Theatre with a concentration in television and American Studies
  • I absolutely HATE snakes

As I blog I’m sure I’ll reveal more fun facts and amazing details about my life:)